What is the oldest operating Irish Pub in America?

We’ve found two great old Pubs In America.
Mcsorley’s in Manhattan (1854) and Patrick’s of Pratt St. in Baltimore(1847).

est. 1847

What is the oldest operating Irish Pub in America?

It seems that Baltimore lays claim to the oldest operating Irish Pub in America. It has been owned and operated by the same family for 155 years! Unlike McSorleys in NYC, Patrick’s has changed over the years to reflect the changes in the neighborhood.

It’s been known as Patrick Healy’s, Nolan’s, Rowley’s and now Patrick’s of Pratt St. But it’s always been run by a the family. The current owner’s (Patrick Rowley) Great, Great Uncle opened the pub the same year Thomas Edison was born—1847.

He opened it near the B&O; railroad yards and catered to the Irish railroad workers. At times the Yard ran 3 shifts a day.

In 1862, he moved his business half a block to a corner location and it’s been there every since. THIS PUB IS A SURVIVER! It survived the Depression & Prohibition by selling dry goods and being a speakeasy and in 1950, it survived the closing of the Railroad and the “urban decay” in Baltimore.

Through years of remodeling & renovating, they retained the original tin ceiling,oak”stand up: bar,old marble and the brass cash register.

est. 1854

Along with being the oldest pub in Manhatten, McSorley’s has Geoffrey Bartholomew, a seasoned Bartender and an poet who sees magic in the mundane.

After 28 years at McSorley’s, he has written a book of poems illustrating the history,memories and character of this great Pub.

Many of the poems reflect the artifacts in McSorley’s, like

Andersonville Shackles
“An ale with big John
I was not settled for madness
Rust color of blood”

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