Things to do and Activities in Ireland


For the serious thrill-seeker, Ireland has an excellent assortment of extreme-sports. The Wicklow Mountains are used for vertical mountain biking. The great waves of the west of Ireland accommodate surfers of all levels. There are numerous places to go cliff climbing, bungee jumping, extreme skateboarding, sky diving, and whitewater kayaking.


Angling along the Camowen River

Ireland is an excellent destination for both fresh water and salt water fishing. There are prime angling spots, with a diverse selection of fish and marine life, in every county, all over Ireland. The scenic coastline on all sides of Ireland, with their beautiful beaches are ideal for saltwater fishing, whereas the numerous loughs and rivers in Ireland are perfect for freshwater fishing. When it comes to leisurely relaxation, and always being close to a the water, there\s nothing quite like fishing in Ireland.


The most internationally renowned Irish meal is the Irish stew, which is a mixture of beef, vegetables, and of course the humble potato. The Irish were reliant on the potato in the 1800’s, until the Great Famine destroyed much of Ireland’s potato crops. We recommend having you Irish stew with a nice pint of Guinness. Ireland is also well known for its top class seafood such as Galway Bay oysters and Dublin Bay mussels, which go down well with a nice whiskey. The Irish Breakfast is composed of eggs, bacon, sausages, fried tomato, black and white pudding, termed the \Ulster breakfast\ or \Irish breakfast\ depending on what part of the country you are in. We recommend a lovely cup of Irish breakfast tea as well.


Cruising is a wonderful way to travel all around Ireland by way of the coast and the many extensive rivers and waterways. Take a casual boat trip up the River Shannon for a day, or circumnavigate the entire island of Ireland. There are many places where cruiser hire is available for your family trip or romantic getaway.


Ireland has many excellent cycling routes, including the famous Esker Riada route which stretches between Dublin and Galway. Casual cyclists will enjoy taking a leisurely excursion through the scenic countryside on one of Ireland\s many cycling routes. Fitness riders will find the very same cycling routes to be very welcoming. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, recreational cyclist, or competition racer, Ireland is the place for cycling.


Along with walking trails, Ireland also has excellent horse trails. There\s certainly no shortage of beautiful cross-country landscape to explore on horseback. Jumping and competition riding is available all over Ireland for participation or your viewing pleasure. With all the unspoiled countryside and beautifully maintained riding trails and competition arenas, recreational horse riding, as well as equestrian tournament viewing in Ireland is an enjoyable experience.


Ireland has over 400 golf courses to suit everyone from the recreational player to the tournament competitor. The world famous golf courses in Ireland are among the finest in design for value of game play and beauty complimented by the already omnipresent natural beauty of the Irish countryside. Its no wonder the top professional golfers in the world extol playing golf in Ireland.

Health and Relaxation

Ireland, being the least densely populated country in the European Union, has a relaxed and down to Earth feel. With its raw beautiful scenery, unspoiled countryside, and contrasting landscape from sheer cliffs, jagged coastline in the west.

Activities in Ireland infographic

Language Schools

Ireland is an excellent place to undertake language studies. Whether your goal is to learn a foreign language, learn Gaelic, learn English, or improve your business English, language schools in Ireland are very accommodating to the needs of every student. Some people desire to learn another language for personal enrichment, others to gain a professional competitive edge. The demand for multi-lingual professionals in Ireland is increasing. Many people of Irish decent or no, having visited Ireland or not, have become fascinated by the Irish language. Irish Gaelic is standard curriculum in Irish primary schools, but is also available to learn at adult levels through specialty schools and special Irish language programs.

Murder Mystery

Experience the thrill of being immersed in a storybook-style homicide investigation. Pick up on clues, mingle with characters, exercise your problem creative and problem solving skills, and work toward discovering the secrets of the plot. What better place in which to participate in a murder mystery than in an Irish castle?

Night Life

Ireland, having the youngest average population in the Europe, is very lively at night. Some of the best nightlife in the world is found in Ireland\s major cities and towns, such as Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Derry, Galway, and Limerick. Even the more remote areas have a surprisingly high quality of nightlife. Nightclubs in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are top rated and not to be missed. Ireland is a major European venue for famous singers, bands, and other artists, not to mention the point of origin for quite a few home-grown ones that have since become world famous. Dublin\s local music scene is as lively as ever. Whether you’re into traditional Irish folk music, jazz, rock, dance, pop, or R&B; every kind of musical style is playing somewhere in the city. Whatever your scene is, we’ve got it.


There are varied areas to paint in Ireland. We recommend, for scenery purposes, the likes of Killarney, Connemara and also the Aran Islands, with their untouched feel, beautiful stone walls untouched for centuries, unspoiled fresh, clear air and virgin landscape. Also the sense of isolation from mainland Ireland give makes it an ideal place for scenery painting. Visit the Wicklow mountains, and Giants Causeway. Even in Dublin there is beautiful Howth, Skerries, Malahide castle in particular if you like castles. Dunmurray East in the southeast of Ireland, or the wide base of the Shannon at Athlone. Basically throughout Ireland there are plenty of opportunities and we always recommend asking the locals, who are always more than willing to give advice about the best painting localities.

Pubs and Restaurants


Ireland is world famous for its unique pub, bar, and restaurant scene. From old-fashioned fireplace-warmed pubs where you can drink a pint of Guinness and enjoy traditional Irish music, to modern, trendy bars where you can socialize over exotic drinks, and dance to modern and upbeat music, Ireland is prime for drinking and dining out. Of course, also available in Ireland is a full assortment of every kind of international cuisine from every country, including all American fast food establishments. Pubs in Ireland are not only places to drink, they are social centers and very important to the spirit of community togetherness.


Shopping is the favorite activity of many who visit Ireland. Whether you’re looking for rare antiques in a small country town, the latest high fashions at the city shopping center, or cutting edge technological products from the manufacturing source, Ireland is the place to be. As one of Europe’s top cosmopolitan cities, Dublin has every kind of store readily available, in close proximity, and operating under extremely desirable opening hours compared to most other places in Europe. A lot of shops are open 7 days a week in Dublin.

St. Stephens's Green shopping

The main shopping streets in Dublin are Henry Street, which has the highest concentration of shops on the North side of the city, and Grafton Street. It is also recommended to see the traditional Moore Street Market, St. Stephens’s Green shopping and the Power’s Court shopping center. The south side of Dublin has a wider variety of shops than the north side. In the North, Belfast and Derry are excellent places to shop, some places accepting both the Sterling and the Euro. There is more of a UK shopping feel in Northern Ireland. Good shopping areas can be found in most smaller towns as well.


Ireland has a wide array of international sports as well as indigenous Irish sports. These include Gaelic football, snooker, cricket, and hurling. These local sports all have historical significance in Ireland, and are gaining popularity in the rest of the world. Whether by participation or for your viewing pleasure, Ireland\s sports scene is for everyone.


Walking Ireland

Walking has become a popular activity in Ireland in recent years. The national landscape is lush, beautiful, and multifarious. While it is possible for someone to walk their way all around the Ways of Ireland by following the signs, it is always a good idea to have a guidebook or map handy.


Ireland Yacht

Clean water, sheltered harbors and dramatic scenery make Ireland one of the top places for sailing. Ireland has the oldest Yacht club in the world, established in 1720.


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