Bell Peppers is a satisfaction to grow in the garden. You can pick big colorful fruits that are sweet and crispy and infinitely versatile. They come in colors like purple,

In warm regions such as USDA hardiness zone 9 and higher, peppers grow like weeds. These tropical aborigines thrive in the heat and will grow as perennials in these regions.

How Many Bell Peppers Per Plant? Bell Peppers are among the largest fruits of all varieties of peppers. Pepper plants with larger fruits will produce fewer individual fruits. For example,

Today there are sprays, scented candles, plug-ins, and even discs that promise to freshen your air by putting a variety of aromas into your home. However, when you know how

Edible Gardening Tips Slice your apples crosswise to evaluate pollination. There are five seed pockets with a potential of two seeds in each. If there are 8-10 fully developed seeds

Q. I’ve been told to plant bulbs in clusters — why is this important? A. Groups of┬ábulbs┬ámake a much nicer show than individual “soldiers marching single file.” To create greater