How to keep potted plants in the winter

How to keep potted plants in winter

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Winter – not the most comfortable time of year for houseplants. Low temperatures outside the windows , drafts , dry air, lack of light – that’s all that bothers amateur grower .

How to keep potted plants in the winter?

On cold days, the air temperature near the window glass is often 5 , and at its lower edge may even have some ice . So , you should insulate the sill, without prejudice to the plant in natural sunlight, and so little.

In severe frosts with adhesive tape zaveste box with plastic wrap. Under most of the frame put the roll of several newspapers or roll of foam wrapped in foil. Sills Insulate foam plates on which and place the pots in trays.
Thermophilic species relocate to warmer places , or put it in a hanging basket . Can not tolerate cold Impatiens, begonias , Saintpaulia , gloxinia , ehinantusy not just cold-resistant and ferns , aloe, euphorbia .

More tolerant to low temperatures chrysanthemums, geraniums , some bulbous plants overwintering Petunia withstand cooling to 5-7 degrees.

To raise the temperature in the room during strong frosts , remove the battery cover all central heating , lift the curtains , put in the battery reflectors – plates of a special foil or just a big mirror .
Arising in these cases, excessive dryness of the air remove frequent spraying plants and wipe the leaves on large trees .

Airing air must not only people but also plants. However, the combination of severe frosts the window pane and disclosed very risky . Therefore, place the flowers on the windowsill so that the jet of cold air Nicoya way is not directed at them.

Pots can stand on the side of safety vents , if you airing close their shield of paper or film.
If for some reason you podmerz flower , make him entirely cold shower – and he can move on. If the process is irreversible , then cut the whole plant or its individual parts frozen .

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