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Galway map guide-Galway is one of the most popular vacation spots in Ireland. Galway city is a prosperous, dynamic city with excellent nightlife, impressive architecture, hospitable accommodations, rich history, and top educational facilities. The original Irish Gaelic language is alive and well in Galway, especially in the well guarded Aran Islands off the west coast in Galway Bay.

Galway map guide


Every possible kind of experience a traveller could want can be found in Galway. Outdoor recreational and sporting activities, water sports, peaceful countryside, museum and castle outings, Irish heritage research institutions, pubs, clubs, and the finest of restaurants are all found here. As the second largest county in Ireland, Galway enjoys a good amount of scenic variety. From gorgeous beaches, to emerald green grasslands, to rolling hills, to peaty bog lands, to scenic mountains, Galway is truly all of Ireland.

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