Cheap Garden Decor Tips

Cheap Garden Decor Tips

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Garden decoration need not always be an expensive affair. One can make a garden look beautiful and vibrant by using certain unique and inexpensive items that are commonly available in day-to-day life. One can use items like garden plaques, small fountains, ground birdfeeders, decorative rain gauges, thermometers and even musical wind chimes.

Cheap Garden Decor Tips


Fountains are the most favored garden decorative items. Fountains are available in different shapes, sizes and prices. However, one needs to spend time and enquire at good number of shops before making a decision so as to get a quality item at an affordable price.

Natural Waterfall

One can even create a natural waterfall by just piling up rocks and making a mechanical arrangement for water to drain down.

Wind Chimes

Another way of decoration is to use wind chimes. Delicate tinkling sound of metal from these wind chimes provides a soothing and refreshing experience as soon as one enters into the garden. Wind chimes are available in several designs and are inexpensive.

You can even make small modifications in the garden design in order to make the garden look more attractive. Placing a birdfeeder at the center helps in attracting birds and butterflies turning the garden alive. One can even cut an old wine barrel into half and use it for planting flowers. However, these barrels need to be colored. Another way is to spruce up a yard wall by placing planks cut into different sizes. These planks can be used to nail garden welcome signs and painting them with garden friendly colors. One can even spray desired color onto old bowling balls and use them as garden spheres. A scarecrow or a statue in the middle of the garden can also add attraction to the garden.

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