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Who are we?

Here on Stoutirishpub.com you can meet a small group of admirers of everything Irish, culture, scenery, Celtic heritage, good drinks – the list is a never ending one, but this is not all, we do not only love Ireland, but we also know a lot about it. And as an additions, with our 8+ years in the travel business, we can also provide hotel rooms, vacations and much more.

However, as this blog belongs to the our primary goal remains to give travel tips and advice about anything Irish from first hand experience and answer all of your questions.

Contact Us

There is something new to find here every time you check in with us, plus we will soon launch a newsletter with the freshest picks of our travel basket, but if you do not find the answers you were looking for, ask them by email via jangkungsesdor(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Please do the same if you have a feedback or partnership idea that can be useful for our readers.