Herbs are easy to grow, disease resistant, hardy, look beautiful and are useful! Many herbs are perennials which means they grow for years (unlike annuals which grow for only one

Growing peppers from seed can be a challenge but, armed with knowledge and persistence, even the most beginner gardener can successfully grow a great variety of peppers. When to Start

Indoor house plants can only groom and blossom best if these essential necessities are provided to them with proper care.   Temperature The widely chosen Indoor house plants are from

I absolutely adore basil. It is definitely my favorite herb! I just love the fresh smell of it and the culinary uses. I love to use it in pestos, infused

Winter – not the most comfortable time of year for houseplants. Low temperatures outside the windows , drafts , dry air, lack of light – that’s all that bothers amateur

Most containers are planted with a mixture of plant types such as perennials, bulbs, annuals and maybe even a shrub or tree. Top 10 Plants for Pots and Containers Annuals

Depending on the situation and the use of the area, there are a number of plants that can be used to create non-grass lawns or areas of slightly taller ground